Monday, November 2, 2015

M.A.D Syndrome

-by guest blogger, author Isabella Redwood

M.A.D – Marketing. Argh. Dread.

When I began my self-publishing journey, marketing was one aspect that I gave little thought to. I was too busy preparing my novel, getting cover design sorted and having it edited. Once that was complete, I concentrated on formatting and proofreading until my eyes turned red. Marketing was the furthest thing from my mind and now I am paying for it.

After setting my book up on Amazon with KDP Select, my numbers were steady and the only marketing I had to do, if you can even call it that, was during promotional times. Amazon was sending me emails trying to sell me my book, and I assumed they were doing the same to others. I was doing better than I had hoped for from a sales point of view.

The problem started when I left KDP after my 90-day period had finished. I had been amazon exclusive and now what was I going to do?

I had no plan and no ideas.

In the end, (title of my book. Lame joke, Isabella… Moving on ) ; ) I did nothing. I fell into the M.A.D category and just the thought of it had me running for the hills, hands over ears and humming to drown the thoughts away.

I am not a sales person. I cannot do it. No, no, no.

Three months later, I re-joined KDP. I am bobbing in a sea of millions of other books and until I can get over my M.A.D syndrome, I will no doubt remain hidden.

Do not make my mistake. Dedicate time to figure out your strategy. The book is important, but marketing is too. Have a plan. Get someone else to help you. Don't stick your head in the sand and think your book will sell itself. This to me is the hardest aspect of self-publishing and the lesson I have paid for from my neglect.

Oh, to have a team of experts in your corner, plotting out the perfect campaign for you and all you need to do is write. Dreams…

Self-publishing is extremely hard work, long after you have formatted the last page. Of all the lessons I have learnt, this is the most obvious, yet conveniently overlooked element.

Any marketing tips to share?



Isabella Redwood is the author of The Butterfly Series, a new adult romantic thriller trilogy.

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